10-hour Pack - One on One Lessons

10-hour Pack - One on One Lessons

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Personal instruction with The Kite Doctor, to start learning the basics of Kite Boarding or Wing Foiling. You will begin to start learning Kite/Wing control with baby steps on the beach to prepare you for the water. TKD (The Kite Doctor)Tips.

(NOTE: Newbie Kiters It takes 5 - 10 hours of lessons for a beginner kite boarder possibly riding some take longer than others. Conditions vary, currents, wind speed, waves, and wind direction. Newbie Wingers it takes only 2-4hrs to be up riding board trying to wing foil. )

Kite Boarding/Kite Surfing or Wing Foiling everyone learns at their own pace in our conditions.

(Some students learn kite control in 2-3 hours others may take 3-6 hours)

After you learn kite control and are proficient with the following:

Safety of others around you, Setting up gear, QR1 & QR2, Kite control, the Wind Window, Power and De-Power, Crashing, Re-Launching the kite, Sweet Spot, Pop-Ups, and much more. 

You will then move to the water for a lesson on body dragging if the weather conditions allow or are favorable. Progressing to board starts and Riding, Lets Get You Flyin'! And Having Fun!!!

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Our founder, Kurt Hoffman

He firmly believes that kite surfing is one of the most exhilarating and rewarding activities you can experience, and he is dedicated to helping others discover its joys.